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Paleoseismology Along the North Anatolian Fault


Commemorating the 9 August 1912 Mürefte Earthquake after 100 years

8 – 10 October 2012

İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi

İstanbul – TURKEY

The PANAF Abstract book is now available. Click here

The PANAF meeting has been held 8-12 October 2012 at the Istanbul Technical University, Mining Faculty Conference hall. The 3 day meeting reached an attendance of nearly 200 people in total. 54 abstracts were presented as 48 oral and 6 poster presentations. Two opening talks were given by

1) A.M.Celal Şengör “The North Anatolian Fault Today” 

2) Rolando Armijo “Marmara pull-apart: tectonic evolution & large earthquakes”.

You can find the meeting abstracts and more in the abstract book.

Please contact for further information.

                   2012, will be the 100th year of the devastating 9 August 1912 Mürefte Earthquake that ruptured the westernmost section of the North Anatolian Fault. Solely in the 20th century, the North Anatolian Fault (NAF) experience 9 seismic events Mw>7 and showed a remarkable seismic pattern of westwards propagating earthquakes from 1939 to 1999. Therefore the NAF has been always a major interest for many earth scientists.

The Paleoseismology along the North Anatolian Fault (PANAF) meeting aims to gather earth scientists who are interested on the paleoseismicity and recent earthquake activity of the North Anatolian Fault. In the last few years, the NAF has been subject to several studies of active tectonics, particularly in paleoseismology. Outcomes of these researches are addressing new topics on the earthquake characteristics on the NAF. The meetings main target is to provide a platform for researchers to share and discuss outcomes of recent studies and establish new collaborations and form a new vision for future investigations along the NAF.

Besides, in 2012, we will be reaching the 100th year anniversary of the devastating 9 August 1912 Mürefte Earthquake. Commemorating this event, researchers will have the opportunity to present results of new investigations on this earthquake. The meeting will be held in Istanbul Technical University and is planned for 3 days in October.


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